Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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21st Congress of International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and
Research (IAHR), Asia Pacific Division (APD), in conjunction with 6th Regional Conference
on Natural Disaster (RCND), Yogyakarta, INDONESIA, 2-5 September 2018

"Multi-perspective Water for Sustainable Development"

Publication Ethic, Copyright Agreement and Terms of Conditions

Publication Ethic and Copyright Agreement

All of the author(s) of the full paper submitted to the 21st Congress of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research – Asia and Pacific Division 2nd – 5th September, 2018- Yogyakarta, Indonesia,  are responsible for and committed to the international standard publication ethic as summarized in Wager and Kleinert (2012), Responsible research publication: international standards for authors A position statement developed at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity, Singapore, July 22-24, 2010 :

  1. The research being reported should have been conducted in an ethical and responsible manner and should comply with all relevant legislation.
  2. Researchers (Authors) should present their results clearly, honestly, and without fabrication, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation.
  3. Researchers (Authors) should strive to describe their methods clearly and unambiguously so that their findings can be confirmed by others.
  4. Researchers (Authors) should adhere to publication requirements that submitted work is original, is not plagiarized, and has not been published elsewhere.
  5. Authors (Authors) should take collective responsibility for submitted and published work.
  6. The authorship of research publications should accurately reflect individuals’ contributions to the work and its reporting.
  7. Funding sources and relevant conflicts of interest should be disclosed.

Agreement of Publication

This form is provided for the corresponding author on behalf of all the authors to confirm that all the above research and publication ethic have been fulfilled and that the author(s) agree that the paper is published  in IAHR-APD proceeding. The corresponding author must realize and agree the following statement:

I consent for IAHR to publish the above paper. I have read and confirm that my contribution follows the ethical standards for authors

Name of corresponding author
Date of full paper submission
(IAHR accept your typed name as your email will act as receipt of consent)

Terms and Conditions

In consideration for publication of the contribution named above, the undersigned hereby assigns to IAHR the copyright in the said contribution, whereby IAHR shall have the right to publish the contribution and/or translation of it throughout the world during the full term of copyright, including renewals and/or extensions, and all subsidiary rights.  The undersigned shall, however, retain the right to republish his/her contribution in any scholarly journal consisting solely of his/her own writings, subject only to notifying IAHR of his/her intention to do so and to his/her ensuring that the publication by IAHR is properly credited and that the copyright notices repeated verbatim.  The undersigned may also self-archive the final version of their paper on their own personal website, in their company/institutional repository or archive, and in approved not for profit subject-based repositories. The undersigned hereby warrants to IAHR that his/her contribution has not been published elsewhere or is pending publication elsewhere, or that if it has been published in whole or in part, any permission to publish it has been obtained and provided to IAHR together with the original copyright notice.  IAHR shall not be responsible for any copyright fees.  The paper represents the opinions of the undersigned and IAHR shall not accept responsibility for any statement made in the paper.



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