Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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21st Congress of International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and
Research (IAHR), Asia Pacific Division (APD), in conjunction with 6th Regional Conference
on Natural Disaster (RCND), Yogyakarta, INDONESIA, 2-5 September 2018

"Multi-perspective Water for Sustainable Development"

Theme & Sub-Themes

The Conference Sub-themes covers but not limited to:
1. River (River Hydraulics, River Basin Engineering and River Basin  Management)
1.1 Hydraulics Structures,
1.2 Sediment Transport,
1.3 River Morphodynamics,
1.4 Sediment Management at Volcanic and/or Non-volcanic Area,
1.5 Fluvial processes, Drainage Network,
1.6 River Basin Management,
1.7 River Restoration,
1.8 Reservoir Operation and Maintenance

2. Port, Harbors, Coastal Engineering and Management
2.1 Port and Harbors Development
2.2 Reclamation and Dredging
2.3 Water Transport
2.4 Waterfront
2.5 Coastal Protection and Restoration
2.6 Coastal Hydrodynamics, Coastal Morphology
2.7 Coastal Management
2.8 Coastal and Harbors Structures
2.9 Estuarine Hydraulic

3. Environmental Hydraulics and Hydrology
3.1 Indigenous Knowledge
3.2 Sustainable Water Resources Engineering and Management
3.3 Sediment Resources Management
3.4 Groundwater Extraction and Environmental Impacts
3.5 Environmental Hydraulics
3.6 Stochastic Hydrology
3.7 Climate Change and their Impacts on Water-related Dynamics
3.8 Environmental Impact Assessment

4. Irrigation, Water Supply and Sanitation
4.1 Low Land Irrigation
4.2 Low Volume Water Irrigation
4.3 Water Scarcity and Drought
4.4 Water and Waste Water Treatment
4.5 Optimization in Irrigation and Water Supply
4.6 Environmental impact of Irrigation
4.7 Water Supply and Sanitation
4.8 Irrigation
4.9 Water Supply and Sanitation in Small Islands

5. Water Resources
5.1 Water Resources Engineering and Management
5.2 Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources
5.3 Water Conflict
5.4 Trend in Water Use and its Anticipation
5.5 Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction
5.6 Ground Water (Artificial) Recharge
5.7 Water Quality

6. Hydroinformatics
6.1 Monitoring, Forecasting, and Warning System in Water-related Management
6.2 Sustainable Monitoring and Data Acquisition for Disaster Mitigation System
6.3 Cost Effective-based Instrumentation for Water Resources Development
6.4 Environmentally-based Information Technology in Water Resources Development

7. Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction
7.1 Community-based and Socio-Culture Approach on Disaster Risk Reduction
7.2 Early Warning System for Disaster Risk Reduction
7.3 Debris Flow
7.4 Flood and Flush Flood Disaster Risk Reduction
7.5 Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction
7.6 Rainfall-induced Landslide
7.7 Dam Break
7.8 Storm surge

8. Special Session (see detail in http://iahrapd2018.ugm.ac.id/abstract-papers/special-session/)
Historical Water Projects and Traditional Water Technologies in the Asia-Pacific Region
8.2 Green Infrastructure as Disaster Risk Reduction Measure
8.3 Conceptual idea to Solve Problems related to Hydro-Environment and Engineering
8.4 Volcano and Multimodal Sediment Disaster:  Simulation and Risk Mitigation
8.5 Hydrology-geomorphology Links in Tropical Rivers

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