Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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21st Congress of International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and
Research (IAHR), Asia Pacific Division (APD), in conjunction with 6th Regional Conference
on Natural Disaster (RCND), Yogyakarta, INDONESIA, 2-5 September 2018

"Multi-perspective Water for Sustainable Development"

Venue Registration Procedures and Guidelines for Paper and Poster Presentation

Venue Registration Procedures
1. Upon your show up in the venue, report to the registration desk. For those who have completed the payment, your names will be listed in the attendance form, or you should complete the payment otherwise. The registrar will then provide your name tag with appropriate coupons (kindly make sure that the coupons are comply with the payment you made), then get the attendance form signed.
2. By showing your name tag, proceed to the congress kit desk and collect your congress kit (an interesting bag contains a flash disk, block note, pen, and program book).
After you make the above two procedures, just Congratulation! We hope you will enjoy the entire program of 21st IAHR-APD 2018 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Guidelines for Paper and Poster Presentation

Guideline for Presentation
1. All presenters should plan on arriving at the room in which their talks are scheduled 15-20 minutes before the start of the session. A student volunteer will be present to help load presentations on the laptop before the session begins. We suggest the presenters to upload the presentation materials one day before the day of the presentation.
2. The committee will remove your presentation materials out from our laptop, on the day immediately after your presentation day.
3. Presenters for current sessions are allowed 12 minutes for presentations, keynote speakers are allowed 17 minutes.
4. A 3 minute period between talks allows for questions, discussion, and introduction of the next speaker. This 3 minute period belongs to the audience, not to the speaker, and is managed by the session moderator. Time limits will be strictly enforced by session moderators.
5. Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF are the only acceptable formats for oral presentations.
6. The presenter will need to ensure that these are compatible with our laptops (Windows PC). Do not bring your presentation on your own laptop; as we might not be able to connect it to the LCD projector, beside, to make the time controllable.
7. The meeting room will be equipped with a dedicated LCD projector and PC laptop configured with USB 2 ports, Windows 8 or 10, and MS Office 2003. It is the presenter responsibility to make sure that the presentation will run in this system. Newer versions of PowerPoint files may not work, save your files in a format compatible with MS Office 2003.

Guideline for Poster Presentation
1. The poster must be B1 (70 cm x 100 cm) standard size paper and follow other required format.
2. The poster must be printed by yourself, bring it with you to the venue, and stick it on the standl/board that is specially allocated for you. Our staffs will help you to stick your poster, you do not need to bring any material such as pins, nails, nor staplers).
3. The author may stick the poster on Monday 3 September 2018 within 07.00 – 10.00 a.m.
4. The core time of the Poster Session will be conducted during the coffee breaks. The author should present nearby his/her poster during the coffee breaks (while he/she may also enjoy the coffee breaks), and explain to the participants when necessary.
5. The author should remove and bring back his/her poster immediately after the closing ceremony of the congress.



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